Baltic amber

Amber is found all over the world, and around 90% of it comes from the Baltic region. Since ancient times, Lithuanians loved amber and have been creating beautiful jewelry and art pieces. Baltic amber has such deep roots in our culture that some call Lithuania the “Country of Amber” and its Baltic coast “the Amber Coast.”

Amber has a lot of names, but because it glows when held up to light, many people call it a Sunstone. Sunstone has a wide variety of colors. It can be honey-gold, brown, red, green, maroon, and even almost black. This variety makes amber jewelry truly unique and suitable for any occasion.

Amber is made from tree resin that has fossilized for thousands of years in a warm, humid climate. Large amounts of resin dripped from pine trees, hardened with time and was washed and distributed around Northern Europe by strong rivers.


These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of. 

~George Eliot

Map, origin of the baltic amber