Ilona Vanc

Ilona Vanc is a jewelry creator, based in Vilnius, Lithuania, who every day explores the beauty and complexity of the natural amber stone.

More than 20 years ago she started her path in contemporary amber jewelry creation. Back to the time, as an amateur painter, she found inspiration in nature.

Since amber was taking a big part of Lithuanian's hearts, it was always not too far from Ilona's eye. She was amazed by the complexity of patterns and colors, which even a tiny amber piece could offer.

At the beginning of her journey, during soviet times, she started to experiment in jewelry with her creations using small amber pieces. As she said:

"Amber has a life inside, so you need to become friends with it if you want to create something beautiful. It's a difficult friendship because each piece is unique in all the ways and requires special handling".

Along the years, she decided to become a professional jeweler and to connect her passion with the career. It was now the time to create truly exceptional and uncompromised pieces using the rarest kind of baltic amber.