Amber for babies

Are amber teething necklaces good for my baby?

As you may have noticed, we don't sell baby teething necklaces on our website.

Even if there hasn't been any scientific evidence of medicinal properties yet, amber has been used for centuries in many European culture.

In 2009, in the Pediatrics in Review, Dr Lisa Markman stated:

"Amber is a traditional European remedy for teething and
is worn by the child as a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Amber
is believed to be a natural analgesic, and when worn, small
amounts of oil are released onto the skin, which is believed
to relieve the discomfort of teething. Amber is not an oral
remedy, and the beads are not to be sucked or chewed."

However, amber necklaces should be worn by the Mom and never by the baby!

- First off, a baby should never wear a necklace of any kind. The risk is strangulation and of course, this applies with natural amber beads as well.

- Remember that real amber is way softer than stone or even some kind of plastics. Your baby will start to chew his necklace and break some pieces of beads. This is a choking hazard. 

We've asked Lithuanians on how amber was traditionally used for teething babies in the baltics, and the answer was: "we just give them real big amber stones to lick/chew" they won't be able to break them apart and since it's 100% organic, it is better than any plastic toy anyway.

So, if you are willing to try teething "the Baltic way" here is a great collection of natural amber stones. We'd be happy to hear back from your experience!